Love Land Farm Popcorn

Not Just Popcorn

Love Land Farm Popcorn is a small family owned popcorn company located in in central Pennsylvania. Five generations of Loves have worked this farm in the fertile foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Our popcorn is planted, grown, handpicked, and packaged on the family's farm by Love family members. It's not just popcorn to us, it’s our love and joy put into an experience you can taste all year long.

Simple Pop Recipe

With just a small brown paper bag, 1/3 cup of Love Land Farm Popcorn, and about 3 minutes in the microwave, you’ll have a perfectly balanced, low-calorie, high fiber snack. Of course if you decide to add butter and flavorings we won't tell anyone. 

Only The Best

Love Land Farm Popcorn is grown without chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, colors, or flavorings. Once fully grown it is handpicked and processed on the farm by family members. We know how important it is for you to have a healthy food to satisfy your hunger.  Oh and our seed has not been genetically modified in any way, shape or form.

Our Story

The name Love Land Farm Popcorn may be new but the family farm and land which grows our scrumptious popcorn was established back in 1902 by family member Silas Love. Over the course of four generations the Love Farm made most of its income by producing milk and expanded from just a few acres of land to over 200 acres. But as the family milk farm model died, the Love family (not shying away from a good challenge) decided to explore how their farm’s rich soil could grow a crop which was both durable and healthy. 

Wholesale Customers
Our wholesale popcorn bowls are overflowing and all of our current wholesale opportunities are filled.  Just pop us a note below to learn more about becoming a wholesale customer when we have more popcorn.

Love Land Farm Popcorn Store

Pop on over to our store to find decorative popcorn, stocking suffers and popcorn seed you can plant. Our heirloom ‘Glass Gem’ decorative popcorn seeds are highly sought after and harvested soon, so check back often to see when the new crop will be available.

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